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This is what my DNA looks like

Posted by Martin on July 17, 2007

Got this from a site called Personal DNA – you can also stick it on your facebook. It’s supposed to be an accurate breakdown of my character, with each colour representing a different part of me. Would be so much better if I could tell you which part is represented by which colour…

Apparently I’m a Benevolent Creator, which makes me sound ever so slightly like the Liberal view of God. What fun.

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Facebook: Johnny arrives eventually

Posted by Martin on July 5, 2007

Soaring ahead of the trends as usual, I have finally got around to registering on the social networking website Facebook (I explain what it is in the vain hope that there’s at least one person out there who’s even further behind the times than me). I’ve been pestered by work colleagues for months, and could resist no longer. Having been thoroughly unimpressed by MySpace, my expectations were not high. However, having amassed 200 friends in five days (all my own work, I’m sad to say), I’m now searching for the Facebook equivalent word to ‘Crackberry’. ‘Crackface’ doesn’t really work for me.

I see a huge danger already emerging however. Half of my friends (including various young people and ex-young people, if you know what I mean) are Christians, and live happily in Christian-ville; the other half are from my pre-Christ-following era, during which I was fond of the grain, the grape, and a couple of other things. There are two ways this could go. One involves a series of very bony men emerging noisily from a cupboard. The other involves a wonderful series of new connections between those who know Christ and those who don’t yet – resulting in hundreds of Damascus road conversions. Personally, I’m plumping for the skeletal option, but maybe I have trust issues.

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Not a nerd

Posted by Martin on June 29, 2007

Just picked the nerd test up from Marko. I’d say ‘ht’ to him, but of course, as a non-nerd I have absolutely no idea what that means. Here’s my score:

I am nerdier than 1% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Click here to do it yourself.

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Much harder alphabet game

Posted by Martin on June 28, 2007

Oh no. Remember the stupid alphabet typing game? Now there’s a new version – you have to type the alphabet backwards as fast as possible. I’m at a depressing 17.6 seconds right now.

Here’s the new version – Finger Frenzy II….

And tell me – did it give you a headache too?

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Stupid addictive alphabet game

Posted by Martin on April 23, 2007

Thanks to Len for getting me hooked on this. Current best score is 6.144 seconds, but I’m sure it’ll be beaten by the end of the day…

The Stupid how fast can you type the alphabet game.

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