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Mini golf game

Posted by Martin on June 29, 2007

Oh no, now this is worrying. A very addictive free crazy (or mini, if you’re in the US) golf game. As if I needed more things to distract me from the disciplines of youth ministry, screenwriting and being a grown-up.

You have been warned not to click this link . (I didn’t say that because there’s porn on there or anything.)

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Brilliant shopping trolley game!

Posted by Martin on May 17, 2007

Just found this fantastic game which has been developed for the University Admissions service here in the UK. It’s called ‘Trolley Racer’, and it’s basically a simple time trial driving game in which you play as a student in a shopping trolley. Grab the burgers and avoid the beer as you attempt to ‘stay on course’ (ho ho).

Great fun – click here to play now!

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Wii want cricket!!!

Posted by Martin on April 20, 2007

Noticed this Australian site yesterday – and totally agree. A cricket game on the Wii would be a good enough reason to never, ever leave the house again. Come on game developers – there’s a goldmine here just waiting to be opened.

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Wario wonderful

Posted by Martin on January 31, 2007

This is what every youth group needs. No, not four Japanese girls. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves on the Nintendo Wii. End of.

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Posted by Martin on January 21, 2007

So Santa came late, but eventually, he did arrive. At last, there is a beautiful white box sitting underneath my television, and its name is Wii. Which is still ridiculous, but who cares when it makes video gaming this fantastic?

The most incredible thing about the Nintendo Wii is not the motion sensitive controls, the brilliant multiplayer games or even the GameCube compatibility. The most incredible thing about the Wii is the fact that my wife likes it. For ten years, she’s been repeatedly telling me to grow up and leave my gaming passion behind. Now, after a quick game of tennis and a boxing match in which I learned something scary and new about her, she’s a convert.

Playing the Wii is in danger of murdering my ability to hit deadlines. I have also been posting notably less often on my beloved blog (sorry about that). I can also no longer be bothered to spend time with my son. Joke, obviously – although I may be getting him into video games at an appallingly young age…

My big recommendation with this is to my fellow youth workers – if your budget allows, you have GOT to get one of these! It’s such a hoot in multiplayer, and I reckon it will go down a storm in a youth club setting – four people can play at once, but it’s also almost as much fun to watch them at it as it is to have a go yourself.

And also – if you don’t like working out, you should seriously try this thing. My arms are aching! Advertisment ends.

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Wii gives shop assistants a hug of smug

Posted by Martin on December 14, 2006

I have now all but given up even catching a glimpse of the hotter-than-the-sun Nintendo Wii console before Christmas. But one traditionally less-cheery bunch of folk – the humble, down-trodden shop assistants – have an uncharacteristic spring in their collective steps thanks to this little white box of wonders.

In every shop I’ve asked in, the assistants have trotted out the same bored message: ‘sorry Sir, we’ll have some in January.’ But they always have a glint in their eyes when they pass on this sad piece of information. Why? Because thanks to their staff purchase schemes, they’ve all got one! My theory is that all 500,000 Wii’s which sold on launch day in the UK went to our legions of shopkeepers and sales assistants. Twice today I’ve heard £5-an-hour video games salespeople say something along the lines of: ‘Ah, sorry, no. But I’ve got one at home, and they’re absolutely brilliant. Ooh – you have no idea what you’re missing!’

That’s one in the eye for The Man. And unfortunately today, I’m the man.

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I need a Wii!

Posted by Martin on December 8, 2006

It’s a sad day – the first time in recent memory that Nintendo have launched a new games console, and I have nowhere near enough disposable income to buy one. This is what happens when you have children, people: it’s much harder to justify acting like a kid when you have one of your own.

The Nintendo Wii (which is unfortunate because in England, it means pee-pee) looks like the most innovative games console release since the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. There’s a semi-traditional controller, but there’s also the motion-sensitive ‘nunchuk’, which you’ve probably seen, which adds a whole new dimension. You can swish a virtual tennis racket, or even use the two-sided controller as a pair of boxing gloves. There are plenty of videos on youtube illustrating it better than I can explain.

Anyway, even if I had the money, you can’t actually get hold of a console in the UK right now. My good friend Baz queued up from early in the morning at his local superstore, and he was one of only 17 people who got lucky – everyone else went home disappointed. It’s not even like I can ask Santa – this is an anonymous blog after all.

For now on, I shall have to look on at Baz and others, and try not to get too jealous. Curse you Nintendo, for being so brilliant.

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