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Baby GimD no.2

Posted by Martin on June 27, 2007

A bit of news – Mrs Director is pregnant with our second child – due, would you believe it, on Christmas Day! Obviously I’ve known for a while, but now we’ve had the ‘safety’ scan, I’m proud to announce  the news to the world. Obviously I’m very excited, and hoping that he/she will follow in my footsteps as an anonymous blogger. Would post a scan pic, but frankly the one they gave us was rubbish – it looks like a still from the first Batman film – you can hardly make anything out.

Thanks go out obviously to God for giving us a lovely bouncing foetus. We shall look forward to Christmas with great anticipation, and I shall now make all sorts of hollow threats about naming him Jesus if he’s born a boy on the actual day. If it’s a girl I shall call her Donkey.

4 Responses to “Baby GimD no.2”

  1. Amanda said

    Congrats! How exciting for you all

  2. roy said

    major congratulations

  3. Gim.D said

    Thanks guys! Appreciate it!

  4. Gordon said

    That is great news. Every blessing to you and Mrs Director, mini-gimd, and foetus gimd!

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