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Mmm… coffee

Posted by Martin on May 2, 2007

An exchange that took place outside my local branch of Starbucks (well, one of my five local branches) this morning, as I stepped outside with a Venti Wet Skinny Mocha with an extra shot in my hand…

Homeless person (looking at my cup): Excuse me… do you have any spare change?

Tubby Christian holding Venti Wet Skinny Mocha with an extra shot: Er… no.

I wasn’t lying – I had spent all my change (over £3) on the aforementioned drink. Though it tastes strangely bitter this morning. 

2 Responses to “Mmm… coffee”

  1. postalhoot said

    This is a tough situation to find yourself in. Someday I hope to have the strength to give that man the drink I just bought for myself. Sadly, this is not the case for me right now.

  2. postalhoot said


    I’ve been following another blog off and on for a while now and found an interesting post that deals a lot with giving/sharing from a Christ-centered point of view. Check it out, perhaps there is something for us to learn in this…


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