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Plot hole

Posted by Martin on April 29, 2007

Those who are responsible for gently kicking my unfocused butt on matters of screenwriting will be pleased to hear that I have indeed begun work on the final script for what I have codenamed ‘Project CS’ (out of some demented fear that the title will inspire plagiarism).

However, I had the agonising realisation today that, during the period of treatment writing (where I changed the story structure eight times in order to prepare it for drafting), I made a mistake. This is the stage where you lay the foundations for the building, and unfortunately at the last minute I moved one of the toilets without changing any of the associated plumbing. This is a big problem, as I’ve discovered now that I’m just peeing in a hole in the floor.

So I now have to go back, and rewrite the first twenty pages again. Still, better now than when I’d written 100.

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