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Talkin’ bout my resolutions

Posted by Martin on April 23, 2007

You may remember that I made a special effort this year with new year’s resolutions. Not because I’m a member of some weird religious sect which practices them, but because they worked pretty well in 2006. Here’s a semi-encouraging update…

    Give up alcohol (later revised to – for a year)

This was the least serious resolution, and yet it’s the one I’ve kept to best, and I might add, most easily. I haven’t had a drop since December 31st, which should mean I’m healthier, fitter, less tired and more fertile. I wish I felt it.

    Finish reading through the Bible

Am on schedule, and loving it. Read about Hezekiah this morning: dude.

    Write three screenplays in 2007

This has not gone very well. I’ve written two books, but that was not the aim. I’ve had the all-clear to start writing screenplay number one, but there’s a lot of writing to be done now before the end of the year. As a revised target, I definitely need to have finished two screenplays by October, when I make my annual visit to the town with the big sign (not Milton Keynes).

    Become a blood donor

Ok, this is the one I actually feel guilty about. Please keep reminding me to do it. I’m a loser if I fail this one.

    Lose a stone in 2007

In order, I might add, to follow up the two stone I lost in 2006. If I did that however, I’d be doing so to cover up my failure. Haven’t yet lost a thing. Not an ounce. Thing with being anonymous is, I can’t get you to shout ‘hey fatty’ if you see me on the street. Still, feel free to do it virtually.

Hmm, that doesn’t feel very positive. It’d be good to know that there are some other failures out there. Still, plenty of time to turn it around. Will update you again soon.

One Response to “Talkin’ bout my resolutions”

  1. roy said

    “hey fatty, give some blood!!” Well you did say to tell you. I think you are doing pretty well on them all, I have kept all the resolutions that were set for me on 1st January – None! keep up the good work

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