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The death and future of English cricket

Posted by Martin on April 19, 2007

As a Christian, I believe in the power of Resurrection. And although it was over the Easter period that England’s cricket team basically waved the white flag of surrender, I do believe they’ll be back. To achieve this though, change is needed. Their coach, Duncan Fletcher, has done a great job, but he’s clearly taken the team as far as he can. He needs to go, and hopefully he’ll go today – a press conference has been called by the team management this afternoon at 16.30GMT.

My hope is that he’ll be replaced by one of the last generation of England players who really knew how to be winners – those from the early 1980s who genuinely competed with great teams like Australia and the West Indies. I’m not brave enough to suggest who though.

Having a child has made me significantly less passionate about football – after all, who really wants to take their child to sit in a football crowd? And so this season, I’ve decided to get serious about county cricket. Cucumber sandwiches, hot sunny afternoons – it’s all much nicer. However, I shall not just be sitting back and enjoying the sandwiches – instead GimD will be acting as a scout for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). I shall be picking out the best young talent, and making a case for the new look England team.

First up, may I present Adil Rashid, a 19-year old leg-spinner and useful lower order batsman. He made 86 for Yorkshire yesterday when they were in trouble against my team Surrey yesterday. His bowling has been getting people excited recently too – why don’t we throw him into the England team now and let him grow with the side – it’s what the Australians do.

More scouting reports as they come to me. I do hope the ECB are reading this. 

2 Responses to “The death and future of English cricket”

  1. I think that the likes of Adil Rashid have a big future for England – but as a spin bowler he needs to develop his game more and shouldn’t be rushed (remember Chris Schofield?). I’m not sure the Aussies regularly throw players into the mix at 19, and we do have a good spinner already in Monty, however I agree that exciting younger players need to be given a chance.

    We are a very average ODI side at present, so we would lose nothing by getting good young cricketers like James Benning amd Matt Prior into the side and building experience for a more successful campaign in four years time. We need to have positive attacking batsmen that can score quickly to complement the likes of Collingwood (who should be captain).

  2. Gim.D said

    Hey TVC –

    I agree with you on Benning and Collingwood, but Matt Prior really hasn’t grasped his chance and looks to me to be one of those players who just won’t make the step up to international level (like Hick, Ramprakash etc) for no obvious reason. Was very pleased also to see Adil Rashid demolish my own team yesterday, as I am clearly a masochist.

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