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Plot hole

Posted by Martin on April 29, 2007

Those who are responsible for gently kicking my unfocused butt on matters of screenwriting will be pleased to hear that I have indeed begun work on the final script for what I have codenamed ‘Project CS’ (out of some demented fear that the title will inspire plagiarism).

However, I had the agonising realisation today that, during the period of treatment writing (where I changed the story structure eight times in order to prepare it for drafting), I made a mistake. This is the stage where you lay the foundations for the building, and unfortunately at the last minute I moved one of the toilets without changing any of the associated plumbing. This is a big problem, as I’ve discovered now that I’m just peeing in a hole in the floor.

So I now have to go back, and rewrite the first twenty pages again. Still, better now than when I’d written 100.

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Talkin’ bout my resolutions

Posted by Martin on April 23, 2007

You may remember that I made a special effort this year with new year’s resolutions. Not because I’m a member of some weird religious sect which practices them, but because they worked pretty well in 2006. Here’s a semi-encouraging update…

    Give up alcohol (later revised to – for a year)

This was the least serious resolution, and yet it’s the one I’ve kept to best, and I might add, most easily. I haven’t had a drop since December 31st, which should mean I’m healthier, fitter, less tired and more fertile. I wish I felt it.

    Finish reading through the Bible

Am on schedule, and loving it. Read about Hezekiah this morning: dude.

    Write three screenplays in 2007

This has not gone very well. I’ve written two books, but that was not the aim. I’ve had the all-clear to start writing screenplay number one, but there’s a lot of writing to be done now before the end of the year. As a revised target, I definitely need to have finished two screenplays by October, when I make my annual visit to the town with the big sign (not Milton Keynes).

    Become a blood donor

Ok, this is the one I actually feel guilty about. Please keep reminding me to do it. I’m a loser if I fail this one.

    Lose a stone in 2007

In order, I might add, to follow up the two stone I lost in 2006. If I did that however, I’d be doing so to cover up my failure. Haven’t yet lost a thing. Not an ounce. Thing with being anonymous is, I can’t get you to shout ‘hey fatty’ if you see me on the street. Still, feel free to do it virtually.

Hmm, that doesn’t feel very positive. It’d be good to know that there are some other failures out there. Still, plenty of time to turn it around. Will update you again soon.

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Stupid addictive alphabet game

Posted by Martin on April 23, 2007

Thanks to Len for getting me hooked on this. Current best score is 6.144 seconds, but I’m sure it’ll be beaten by the end of the day…

The Stupid how fast can you type the alphabet game.

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Good on you Duncan

Posted by Martin on April 20, 2007

Despite vocalising my support for the removal of England’s cricket coach yesterday, I would also like to add my voice to those who thank Duncan Fletcher for his great work lifting English cricket off the scrapheap in the last eight years. Winning the Ashes in 2005 was one of the great British sporting achievements of the last 30 years, and he should leave the job now with his head held high. As expected, Fletcher parts company with the team after the final game of the World Cup tomorrow.

The question now is over who will replace him. Tom Moody has been mentioned, and would be an excellent choice. I am quite keen on an Englishman though – and perhaps a younger man, with more creative ideas. Perhaps Academy Director Peter Moores, the expected caretaker manager, will grow naturally into the role. To early to say though – for now, so long Duncan, and thanks for the memories…

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Wii want cricket!!!

Posted by Martin on April 20, 2007

Noticed this Australian site yesterday – and totally agree. A cricket game on the Wii would be a good enough reason to never, ever leave the house again. Come on game developers – there’s a goldmine here just waiting to be opened.

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Give and take

Posted by Martin on April 20, 2007

Noticed at Victoria station this morning: two groups of people, one handing out free samples of Trident chewing gum, the other collecting money for a Parkinsons disease charity. Everyone went to one, then went out of their way to walk past the other. Can you guess which was which?

Incidentally, I took the free gum.

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The death and future of English cricket

Posted by Martin on April 19, 2007

As a Christian, I believe in the power of Resurrection. And although it was over the Easter period that England’s cricket team basically waved the white flag of surrender, I do believe they’ll be back. To achieve this though, change is needed. Their coach, Duncan Fletcher, has done a great job, but he’s clearly taken the team as far as he can. He needs to go, and hopefully he’ll go today – a press conference has been called by the team management this afternoon at 16.30GMT.

My hope is that he’ll be replaced by one of the last generation of England players who really knew how to be winners – those from the early 1980s who genuinely competed with great teams like Australia and the West Indies. I’m not brave enough to suggest who though.

Having a child has made me significantly less passionate about football – after all, who really wants to take their child to sit in a football crowd? And so this season, I’ve decided to get serious about county cricket. Cucumber sandwiches, hot sunny afternoons – it’s all much nicer. However, I shall not just be sitting back and enjoying the sandwiches – instead GimD will be acting as a scout for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). I shall be picking out the best young talent, and making a case for the new look England team.

First up, may I present Adil Rashid, a 19-year old leg-spinner and useful lower order batsman. He made 86 for Yorkshire yesterday when they were in trouble against my team Surrey yesterday. His bowling has been getting people excited recently too – why don’t we throw him into the England team now and let him grow with the side – it’s what the Australians do.

More scouting reports as they come to me. I do hope the ECB are reading this. 

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Guess who’s back…

Posted by Martin on April 18, 2007

A huge apology for my very long absence, and a great big thankyou to everyone who has continued to read the site archives in the mean time. I’ve been writing a book, and with very pressing deadlines, I had to step away from a few commitments, including this site, while I worked on it.

The manuscript was finished yesterday, I’m pleased to report, and here I am again. Coming soon: an update on those ridiculous new year resolutions I made, and an invitation to join me in embracing the world’s most wonderful summer sport.

As Arnie never said, it’s good to be back.

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