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The screenwriter’s secret agony

Posted by Martin on February 12, 2007

I am of course kidding. This was not my idea.This is something which only writers can truly understand – the despair felt when you realise that someone else has got there first. Sure, when a movie/book/play/TV show comes out on very similar lines to the one you were developing, it is strangely reassuring that your ideas are good. That small comfort is hugely outweighed however by the biting reality that it may severly hinder your own chances of getting your movie/circus act/TV show greenlit.

Unfortunately for me, it’s not even as if my celluloid nemesis is small-scale. It seems to be featured on every bus, TV show and website I stumble across. I know I’ve blogged about it (Project CS is the codename) before – I was aware of the script a few months ago, and made changes accordingly – but now that I’ve seen clips, it does appear that we’re just working on too similar lines.

And what’s even worse – everyone loves it! So not only is my movie like another one, it’s also far too much like a movie which everyone loves. I should just write a rip-off of It’s a Wonderful Life and be done with it.

My agent is fairly sure that there’s room in the world for both movies -but having seen the trailers for this one, I’m not so sure. Will keep you posted.

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