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Hysterical Epic (or not)

Posted by Martin on February 12, 2007

Writing the previous post reminded me that this is in no way the first time that I’ve developed an idea and then seen it show up at the local multiplex a few months later (perhaps soon, I’ll actually be doing that for a living…). Ten years ago – I promise you – I came up with a movie outline that was so similar to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels that I almost cried when that movie came out. But at least that was good…

About a year ago I started kicking around an idea for a spoof movie. It’s hardly my natural genre, but I was always a massive fan of Airplane, and felt that there was a lot of fun to be had with that kind of movie. I think Airplane’s strength came in the fact that it new exactly what its target was, and while ripping into that target for all its worth, it also tried to tell a funny story.

Not so in the case of the Scary Movie people – the spoof franchise that this generation is sadly growing up with. While the first movie at least focussed on the Scream trilogy for its main joke fodder, the later movies just seem to be trying to squeeze in as many movie references into 90 godless minutes as they possibly can.

And unfortunately, they’ve branched out. First, Date Movie took a wild stab at every movie released in the previous two years, and now, there’s recent US no.1 smash (shame on you) Epic Movie. Very loosely poking fun at, er… historical epic movies, this nevertheless takes in such non-epics as The Da Vinci Code, and Borat. Are the writers seriously saying that there’s no mileage in a movie which just spoofs the historical epic?

Well either way, they’ve blown my chance of ever doing so. I had a great idea too. Beaten to the punch by the Scary movie guys. Oh well, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all…

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