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Posted by Martin on January 19, 2007

I understand that I am by no means alone in this, but I’ve been the recent victim of online card fraud. There some smirking criminal type somewhere in this country watching the Sony LCD television which was purchased using my card a couple of weeks ago. It’s all rather ironic – my wife would never let me buy a TV that good…

Anyway, my bank have credited the money (over £1000, all in) back to me, but I do feel a little violated by the whole experience. I have no idea how someone was able to hack my card details – I tend to be very cautious online – and from speaking to friends this week it appears that this crime seems to be happening more and more often. No joke – in a room of six people, every one of us had been stung by fraudsters.

I wonder where this is going. If card fraud and identity theft continue to rise, surely the point is going to come where the banks (or there insurance companies) will simply stop paying out. I’d certainly feel a LOT sicker now if I’d simply bought a TV for a thief somewhere. It’s not like he’d even invite me round to watch the football on it.

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