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Piefest / TV kills Christmas

Posted by Martin on December 15, 2006

As planned, our youth group assembled with a handful of other brave church members on the local council housing estate last night, assigned with the task of singing some carols and handing out some mince pies. Enthusiastic new girl was there, along, incredibly, with two even newer girls! There were about 20 of us in all, including two guitar-wielding church leaders, and we made a good attempt at a few of the classics.

Interestingly though, everyone on the estate gave us a wide berth. Suddenly, an area containing 500 homes resembled an abandoned Wild West town. If doorbell response was to be used as an indicator, then apparently, no-one was in at all. That’s right – not a single door that we knocked on to offer a mince pie, opened to us. It was as if we were invisible.

But not inaudible, it would seem. Because halfway – literally half way – through ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’, a twenty-something woman came into our midst, waved her arms and told us that she was really sorry, but we had to stop. Everyone did as she asked, but we were puzzled – had traditional Christian Carols really become so offensive? No – but apparently television producers have. For as she – a production assistant – revealed, they were trying to film an episode of some vacuous Channel 4 reality TV show on the estate, and our singing was creating an unwelcome background noise. So would we mind awfully if we shut up and moved on?

Despite my protestations, the church leaders relented and downed their guitars. Our performance was at an end. But what on earth made this woman believe she had the right to stop us – and mid-song? I know TV is important in this country – but seriously?

We walked away, and heard a loud director cry ‘action’ in the nearby background. Part of me wanted to start a bit of impromptu megaphone street preaching to ruin his scene, but that wouldn’t have been very constructive, now would it?

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