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Wii gives shop assistants a hug of smug

Posted by Martin on December 14, 2006

I have now all but given up even catching a glimpse of the hotter-than-the-sun Nintendo Wii console before Christmas. But one traditionally less-cheery bunch of folk – the humble, down-trodden shop assistants – have an uncharacteristic spring in their collective steps thanks to this little white box of wonders.

In every shop I’ve asked in, the assistants have trotted out the same bored message: ‘sorry Sir, we’ll have some in January.’ But they always have a glint in their eyes when they pass on this sad piece of information. Why? Because thanks to their staff purchase schemes, they’ve all got one! My theory is that all 500,000 Wii’s which sold on launch day in the UK went to our legions of shopkeepers and sales assistants. Twice today I’ve heard £5-an-hour video games salespeople say something along the lines of: ‘Ah, sorry, no. But I’ve got one at home, and they’re absolutely brilliant. Ooh – you have no idea what you’re missing!’

That’s one in the eye for The Man. And unfortunately today, I’m the man.

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