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An emerging irony…

Posted by Martin on December 14, 2006

This is going to win me few friends in the blogosphere, but I’ve often been highly-critical of the so-called ’emerging’ or ’emergent’ church movement. I think it’s a bit of a bandwagon; I think it’s often used as an excuse for not having to commit to a holy lifestyle; I think it’s often about deconstruction and sniping at the church. I’m not saying there isn’t a lot of good in there – some great people are involved for instance – but it’s not my cup of English tea, and I’ve never been convinced that it’s anything more than a plaything for intellectuals and faux-intellectuals who just got bored of church.

So here’s the irony. I’ve just been asked to launch a ‘new expression of church’.

Which, let’s be honest, means I’m about to step into the world of emerging church. You’ve got to laugh really. I shall of course record my progress here. 

3 Responses to “An emerging irony…”

  1. postalhoot said


    I ran across this blog a while back and this new post called ‘Emerging Liberals??’ poses a few questions you might find interesting. Check it out and maybe pass along your own insight in the small survey.



  2. postalhoot said

    Sorry, that was supposed to be http://www.johnsmulo.com


  3. don’t confuse the two matey – a new expression of church, if you check out the Fresh Expressions website, could be a playgroup or a friday night football club – I always thought “emerging” was something different?

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