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A cold night with hot pies

Posted by Martin on December 14, 2006

…in prospect. I’m about to head out for one of those youth events that sounded like a great idea at the time – we’re going to hand out mince pies and sing Christmas carols on the local council housing estate. It’s not quite the Bronx, but it ain’t the leafy suburbia most of our kids are used to, either.

I don’t want to give a false impression though – I’m really excited to see how they’ll respond to being taken out of their comfort zones. It’s also really cool to hand out free stuff to people and watch their puzzlement as they try to work out what we want in return. And I love singing too! So it’s a winner on three fronts.

After we’ve frozen solid, we’re heading back to one of the other leaders’ houses for a very premature Christmas dinner. Wonder if anyone will have the guts to invite a random member of the public along? Will let you know…

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