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Talkin’ bout a resolution

Posted by Martin on December 13, 2006

Planning to make any New Year’s resolutions come January 1st? Giving up smoking? Committing to become a community volunteer? No longer going to read The Guardian?

I used to think resolutions were a waste of time – once the fireworks have fizzled out and sobriety has returned, we very rarely stick to the promise. This year however, I’ve made a pretty good fist of things. I made two New Year’s resolutions on 1st Jan 2006, and with a bit of work, I could well keep them both… well, sort of.

The first resolution seemed the most daunting – lose two stone in weight by December 31st. Thanks to a couple of all-you-can-eat trips across the Atlantic, my body was beginning to resemble Mr Stay Puft from Ghostbusters. I think I realised that I had hit that point where there were only two ways to go – become a fat bloke for the rest of time, or buy some smaller pants and get on a treadmill.

The second resolution seemed infinitely more possible – read through the Bible in one year. That’s just four pages a day – especially easy when you’ve been given a lovely (floral-themed) Bible-in-a-year book for Christmas.

Well, resolution no.1 has fared the best. As I write, I’m a tantalising 3lbs short of my target, with around two weeks to go. Unfortunately, there’s a fairly calorific religious festival between now and then which might scupper me. But even 3lbs short is about 4st better than I was expecting.

Resolution no.2 had to lower it’s ambitions halfway through the year. As anyone who’s ever tried to use dated readings will know, the biggest demotivator is finding out you’ve fallen ten days behind, and since you haven’t time to catch up, you throw in the towel instead. Well, my boss is a wiser man than I, and suggested that I revise my aim to ‘read the Bible in two years’. Since then I’ve been on track  – and am now just 12 readings away from the halfway point, with a few more days than that left.

So despite my failure to so far achieve the final aims, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m now on the lookout for a new resolution to try out in 2007, because it’s a good thing to have aims for your year. I feel like 2006 was actually a year in which I quantifiably achieved something.

Suggestions on a comment postcard please – or let me know how you got on with your 2006 resolutions.

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