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My painful purge

Posted by Martin on December 10, 2006

I’m no puritan, but recently it’s struck me that I have an awful lot of expensive plastic sitting on my shelves, completely unused, and occasionally still shamefully shrink-wrapped. I’m talking of course about my DVD collection, which, thanks to an obsessive compulsive personality which I am only now beginning to control, is obscenely huge.

Sure, I own lots of my favourite movies – everyone does.  And as a youth worker, I think it’s fairly legitimate that I own a bunch of films which can be useful in triggering discussion with young people, such as Spider-man and Forrest Gump.

But why on earth do I own a copy of Ang Lee’s Hulk? Or in a similar vein, Fantastic Four? Why did I buy (and never, ever sit down to watch) The Abyss: 2 Disc Collector’s Edition. And I’m not even sure I know what Bubba Ho-Tep is!

So I’ve sat down this morning – as an act of Sunday worship, if you will – to try to bring my collection down to a more reasonable size. And with classics like the ones I’ve mentioned in there, it looked like an easy task. Yet if I’m honest, it’s still a wrench. Why am I finding it hard to throw away Dodgeball? I am never going to watch it again. If I was stuck on a desert Island with only a DVD player and a copy of the movie, I’d probably just build sandcastles for eternity. Yet I don’t want to throw it away. Why?

I’m not sure of the answers. All I know is that our possessions have more of a hold over us than we sometimes like to believe. At the moment, I’ve managed to pull just 17 rejects out of a collection of around 400. I’m trying to add to that number, but right now, decisions like – King Arthur or Last of the Mohicans? – feel like Sophie’s Choice.

Ooh – Sophie’s choice. That’s a classic – I should so order it on DVD…

2 Responses to “My painful purge”

  1. Geoff said

    Donate me your copy of dodgeball, it’ll make you feel better.

  2. Len said

    My wife and I love Last of the Mohicans. You gotta keep that one.

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