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Tornado hits London

Posted by Martin on December 7, 2006

So my city – London – has just been hit by a small tornado, which I don’t think has happened in my lifetime. Sad to hear that six people have been hurt – some quite badly – my thoughts and prayers are with them for a speedy recovery.

Just been looking at some photos – houses have had their roofs ripped off, trees have been upended – not the sort of thing we’re used to here. One shred of encouragement, at least as far as I was concerned, was to see the rapid response from the Salvation Army (see pic) – an organisation which consistently offers a shining example of faith in action. They’re just so good at meeting people’s needs, caring for them and showing love. I wish that image was what first came into the average person’s head when they heard the word ‘Christian.’

I realise that if you live somewhere where natural disasters often strike, then perhaps you don’t get shocked by a small tornado that hurts a single-figure number of people. But here in London, it just isn’t the norm – and I think those people will be shaking their heads in disbelief. There’s a strange feeling here right now.

2 Responses to “Tornado hits London”

  1. GIMD,

    First off, unique blogname. I like it.

    Second, believe it or not, I found your blog a list of popular blogs and it was YOUR blogname that caught my attention, there was nothing connecting it with Britney there. I am not surprised that in today’s world, just mentioning a few key words would boost your Blog stats.

    Third, commenting on this specific post, I too would love to see God’s people step up and really care/love people the way Christ would. It is sad that we have turned our own name of ‘Christian’ into such a bad thing for so many. There seem to be many who are turning to other descriptions that do not immediately turn people’s attentions away but rather grab their interest. I have taken recently to calling myself a ‘recovering Christian’. See http://postalhoot.wordpress.com/2006/12/02/recovering-christian/

    Last, feel free to check out my own blog at http://postalhoot.wordpress.com It is fairly new and I am just learning the art of blogging so bear with me.

    Thanks for your good insights on many issues and keep it real!


  2. Gim.D said

    Thanks Lael – what I really like about your site and the way you talk about yourself is that you still call yourself a ‘Christian’. I’ve noticed recently that it has become fashionable to try to change that – people saying ‘I’m not a Christian, I’m a follower of Christ…’, or ‘part of the Jesus movement’ and so on.

    That may sound pretty cool – but it’s actually incredibly arrogant, because it somehow detaches the person from the lines and generations of people who stretch back in history to the first apostles and the early church. I know they were first known as ‘The Way’ – but that became Christianity, and the ‘Jesus movement’ has been known as that ever since.

    Yes we’re a flawed people, but we’re God’s people, and he uses individuals and entire people groups despite their limps and failings. So good on you for not giving up on the term ‘Christian’. It may have been misappropriated by many over the years, but it’s still a powerful, true and history-drenched term that links us right back to our first forefathers in the faith.

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