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Britney Spears’ crotch mania!

Posted by Martin on December 6, 2006

No, it’s not yet another DVD board game (although by next Christmas, who knows?), it’s the celebrity shocker of the fortnight – Britney Spears was photographed getting out of a car last week and ‘accidentally’ exposed her underpants. Unfortunately, she’d ‘accidentally’ forgotten to wear any. And just to compound her mistake, she ‘accidentally’ sat posing in the position long enough for several photos to be taken. So now said photographs have made their way around the world, in the way that’s only possible in a Webbed-up civilisation, and now the former teenage darling’s er… equipment has been viewed by voyeurs from Mumbai to Macclesfield.

Of course, on the one hand, you could say that this is the next natural step for the cult of celebrity. Thanks to an incessant barrage of public appearances, vaccuous book releases, hideous celebrity magazines and more, we’re allowed into almost every aspect of the lives of the rich and famous. And usually, the ‘celebrity’ is totally complicit – they’re trying to turn their name into a brand, and they’ll do anything they can to do it. So perhaps it’s only natural that pictures of their privates should be circulated – what better way to really get to know our favourite celeb intimately? Coming soon – the XXX Hello! magazine, with  free pictures of Tom Cruise’s willy.

Seriously though, what do we learn from the fact that in the last week, ‘Britney’, ‘Spears’ and ‘crotch’ have been the three most searched-for terms on the internet? First, it shows us what we already know – that we have become a voyeuristic society, with fewer and fewer privacy boundaries. The rise and rise of pornography (to which around 50% of us are allegedly addicted) means that society has been numbed to the shocking nature of these pictures.

Second, it shows just how loud you have to shout now to get noticed. It’s like all the PR stunts in the book had been exhausted, and Britney felt she only had one route – to sink to the basest level and guarantee column inches as a result. Last time she needed a PR boost, she involved herself in her infamous 48 hour marriage. Who knows what she’ll do next?

Third, it shows the sad lifespan of celebrity. By flashing her bits, Britney is attempting to stoke a fire which would have naturally gone out a few years ago. She had her musical success, but that time has passed. Her fans have hugely dwindled in number – she’s no longer followed by the obsessive teenager, but by the obsessive man in the dirty raincoat.

Arguably, Britney’s career might have lasted longer if she’d stuck with her original sweetheart image, but instead she chose to go the way of rubber catsuits and almost-invisible microdresses. Perhaps after the sexually-charged video for ‘Toxic’, in which she appears to be completely naked, last week’s breach of public decency laws was simply the only place left to go.

Britney comes from a Christian background, but fame seems to have steered her in a different direction. Perhaps she’ll return to her faith; I only hope she does so before she truly hits rock bottom.

4 Responses to “Britney Spears’ crotch mania!”

  1. John said

    Where are her Christian family now?

  2. Anonymous said


  3. vipnews said

    The whole story is very sad but fact is, her PR gig worked out. She has all the attention she seeked for (even from you) 😉

  4. Cars said

    I’m Sad……..

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