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Britney Spears’ crotch mania! Part 2!

Posted by Martin on December 6, 2006

So for some reason, visits to this blog have multiplied by a factor of ten. And most people have looked at one post in particular.

So you may have arrived here looking for something else. I’m sorry if this is a disappointment then – but could I ask you a favour. Before you close the window, or click the back button, give me one minute of your time – please.

You may well of come here looking for pictures of Britney Spears getting out of a car. I don’t have them. What I do have, is a bunch of thoughts about the real reason why you’re here. I think you’re here for a reason, and you don’t know it.

I believe that the fact that you clicked on this site, and this link, is not a coincidence. I believe you were led here by someone who is crying out to you to notice them. But it’s not Britney Spears. It’s someone else.

As Morpheus would say in The Matrix, do you want to take the blue pill, or the red pill?

If you don’t want to know why I think you’re here – both on this site now and on the planet period – then navigate away now.

Still with me? That’s exciting.

I believe that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. All the hurt you’ve ever felt in your life – one person has felt it all with you. All the emptiness you feel in the dark times – one person has been there and wants to help you through. He’s thinking about you right now, and his heart aches for you, and for the people around you, and for Britney Spears. And I can only tell you this because I know him. And He is love – and that means something deep and profound and incredibly real.

There is a God. You can know him personally. And whatever you decide to do with that information, it’s not going to make him love you any less. And he will keep loving you, and keep loving you, and he will not stop because that is what he is.

If you’re still with me, let me ask you something. What would you lose if you sat down tonight, and instead of carrying on your search for pictures of a semi-naked pop star, you said something to this God? What if you were to say ‘God, if you’re out there, I want to know you. If you’re real, I want you to bring meaning to my life?’ If he’s not there, you’ve wasted nothing. But he is, and I promise you that if you respond to his voice – the voice that I believe brought you here right now – he’ll show himself to you. And you’ll never look back.

My minute is up.

Want to talk about it? Drop me an email: godismydirector@gmail.com

15 Responses to “Britney Spears’ crotch mania! Part 2!”

  1. Robby said

    Actually, I stopped in since I liked the title of your blog. And I do say that everynight. I’ll be back to check in on you. Good post.
    – Robby

  2. Shirley said

    I came to look because your blog is listed at the moment as the fastest growing WordPress blog. I have absolutely no interest in Brittany Spears, dressed or undressed.

    Joy instead!

    Shirley Buxton

  3. dianab said

    I also came because of your blog being listed as the fastest growing WP blog. But mostly because I was led here by God. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens for a reason and God shows me this through synchronicities.

    I’m glad I stopped by.:)


  4. bonnieq said

    While I pray that your intentions are honorable, this is not an honest way to witness for God. Jesus never, NEVER used deceit to get people in to hear His Word; nothing deceitful and nothing pagan. TRUTH and nothing but the Truth is God’s way. So, I pray that, instead of doing what will make your blog the fastest growing one, you reconsider your approach to witnessing for our awesome Lord.

    Love in Christ,

  5. Ian said


    In fairness – he wasn’t using it as a deciet – he was blogging on Britney spears which led a lot of people ot the site. Why not use the opportunity.

  6. arleen said

    i stopped at this blog because of its title. and after reading this post i wont be back. please realize how many religions there are and all claim to be correct.

  7. Gim.D said

    Wow… I’m speechless at how many people are coming here.

    Bonnie – this happened completely by accident, and I just wanted to use every opportunity to share with people the love and joy that I’ve found in God. I’m honestly not being calculating.

    Arleen – didn’t mean to offend, and appreciate that many other religions out there claim to be right, and have just as much right to do so. I can only tell you the truth of my life – that I have experienced a true and living God. You may have a completely different experience and I’m not telling you that you’re wrong or that I’m right – just what I believe. Do you think that’s ok?

  8. roy said

    think you have one of the top blogs and love it – one of the best written and thought through. bit jealous of all the traffic though – may have to think of my next post title! lol

  9. Indian said

    Crap, crap…..total crap!!!
    I confess I came here seeing the title. But I wouldnt have been disappointed if you have written about anything but not God.

    I wonder why you Christians are taking each and every chance to spread your religion. And when get a chance, start blaming muslims.

    I’m proud to be a hindu not that i’m devotional but bcoz we dont irritate others in the name of religion and God.

  10. Gim.D said

    Hey Indian – thanks for posting.

    If you heard something which you thought was really great news, and you believed it was true, wouldn’t you tell other people about it? That’s all I’m doing, and hopefully some people will find it helpful that I did so.

    I’m very sorry that your experience of Christians has led you to this view of us. But truth be told, we’re quite rubbish, a lot of the time. Please don’t judge Jesus just by looking at his followers. We’re a flawed bunch, but that’s kind of the point. If you want to see the real Jesus, read a gospel – you might find that he was radically different to what you’ve been led to believe.

    Glad you’ve found peace and joy in your own faith. May your own faith journey continue to liberate, inspire and surprise you.

  11. shannon said

    Freaking amazing post.

  12. India said

    I’m really sorry for being very rude in ma first post. I beg your pardon for that.

    Its not that I hate other religions. Infact, one of ma roommate is a Christian and other a muslim!! We’ve been staying together for around 3 years. We’ve had many fights, but not even once for religion.

    Since the title and the subject was completely different, it kinda irritated me. I once again apologize for that post.

  13. Indian said

    Sorry, the name shld be Indian in the above post!

  14. bonnieq said

    Ian, I give you God’s response: “There is a way that seems right to man, but it is the way of destruction.” It was deceitful to entice people to this blog by using Brittany as the drawing card. Jesus was never deceitful and neither should we do anything that even remotely resembles evil.

    Either we stand up bold for God and Christ, thus drawing in those whom God has chosen to follow His Son, or we cajole and manipulate and draw in Satan’s goats. I, for one, am not ashamed to stand bold for God and His Word and His Christ; and, I trust that God will bring to my blog for Him those who need and want His Truth instead of man’s smooth words.

    http://bonnieq.wordpress.com 🙂

  15. Ben said

    Bonnieq, I wasn’t aware you spoke for God on this website.

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