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Utterly cast down

Posted by Martin on December 5, 2006

To quote Anton Chekhov.

England’s cricket team manage to snatch utter humiliation from the jaws of respectability, and I… just… can’t… believe it. No team has ever sunk to the depths that we’ve just reached. The Australians will be hopping around with joy, and quite rightly, but there now need to be some serious changes, starting with a new manager.

And suddenly, English sport looks desperately depressing. Our rugby team are now so poor that if they were a movie, they’d be directed by Uwe Boll. Our football team look like eleven men who’ve never been introduced to each other, and our cricket team just curled up and collectively died Down Under.

I think it’s time to explore my Scottish heritage… 

2 Responses to “Utterly cast down”

  1. Gordon said

    I have a feeling that this website may soon have a tartan template…

  2. roy said

    It is now 2 days later……and I am still miserable. Gonna chase my German heritage as they seem to win when they should not!

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