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‘Passionate, committed agnosticism’

Posted by Martin on December 4, 2006

Interesting article from an ex-Church of England vicar turned atheist who has now become an agnostic, here on the BBC website.

His is a very post-modern worldview, of the kind which is in danger of being drowned out in this country by the atheistic steamroller which Richard Dawkins is currently drunk-driving.

The author’s distaste for both organised religion and atheism seems to stem from the apparent need of both to acquire a sense of certainty about life. I’d say a journey of faith, by its very nature, requires no such thing. Good to see the debate on such a high-profile site though.

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Cherry Blackstone

Posted by Martin on December 4, 2006

A heads up about a new band emerging on the London circuit right now – in my humble opinion they have the potential to make it pretty big. If there’s any justice, they’ll get somewhere just through their willingness to be a bit creative. They’re called Cherry Blackstone, and I got sent their promo EP by their promoters. The blurb says they sound a bit like the Black Eyed Peas, but that’s completely inaccurate. They are a pretty innovative funk/rock fusion band, and very radio-friendly songrwriters. Have a listen for yourself on their website: 


Three of the band are Christians, but they’re not a ‘Christian band’. I was really chuffed today to hear this great examples of Christian musicians taking risks (see my previous rant for why). I hope they do really well.

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Other GIMD’s: Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas

Posted by Martin on December 4, 2006

Part one of an occasional series…

I greatly enjoyed Dave Gorman’s breakthrough television series, Are You Dave Gorman? where he travelled the country, and occasionally, the globe, looking for people who shared his name. I thought it might be interesting to do the same thing with my cyberspace name, Gim.D, especially as it doesn’t sound that much like a real name, and I need companionship to make me feel better about it.

Anyway, first up is the ‘Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas’, which appears to be some kind of secular Girl Guiding organisation in cowboy country. This is their creed  (reproduced here in pink for reasons of faithfulness):

Girls are we who try to be,
the very best in all life’s aspects.
Our goals are unlimited.
Our failures are few.
We uphold this truth,
to thine own self be true.

I think it gets a lot better when it starts to rhyme. And that line: ‘our goals are unlimited, our failures are few’ really makes me think of the England football team, although with them it’s reversed. Seriously though – it seems like a great initiative, reaching out to underpriviliged young girls in Dallas. They claim to have worked with nearly 32,000 girls in 2005, which I think is impressive, although I find their claim that 99.3% of girls inc girls are ‘pregancy-free’ slightly chilling…

Anyway, sisters, I embrace you for being fellow bearers of the GIMD mantle. Who’s next? 

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