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Sad beautiful Big Brother girl

Posted by Martin on December 1, 2006

Very strange experience on my train today – I found myself sat opposite one of the contestants from the last series of Big Brother. I didn’t realise that at first – just knew that I recognised this pretty woman opposite me from somewhere.

I won’t reveal who she was, but she’s one of the many contestants who has subsequently adorned the pages of mens magazines in varying states of undress, after her love life was dragged backwards through the pages of Heat. Anyhow, what struck me most about her was not that I knew her, or that she was attractive, but that she was sad. Really, really sad. Of course, it was early, and I could be reading all this into a face which actually reflected a lack of sleep, but I don’t think so. Her eyes said so much… she looked broken. And when she spoke briefly to a friend on the telephone (this was how I knew it was her), her voice was laced with a definite note of melancholy.

So what am I, as a Christian, trying to reflect the kingdom in my everyday life, supposed to do in that situation? Say: ‘Hello, former celebrity lady; you don’t know me, but you look sad?’ I really wanted to – I really wanted to listen to her story and tell her about how Jesus Christ loves her, however cheesy that may have sounded.

But… She’s a) attractive and b) aware that she’s famous. And I c) probably come across slightly like a nutter before I’ve had a proper cup of coffee. So I felt paralysed. I said and did nothing. No kingdom reflection for me today.

She walked away, and I too felt sad. I can’t make too many more assumptions, but I’d suggest that post-reality TV fame may not be all it’s cracked up to be, if her face is to be believed. If I see her on the train again, I promise I’ll say something. But what on earth do I say? Help please…


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