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Argh – beaten to the punch

Posted by Martin on November 28, 2006

Just discovered that the movie script I’ve been working on bears a shocking resemblance to another movie due out in early 2007. This is hugely frustrating, and one of those things which apparently happens all the time in Hollywood. I now have a choice – rework the idea to make it less similar, or drop it altogether. It could still get made if I change things around a little, but then I guess I’ll be known as the guy who plagerised that other movie. Oh the struggles of a bottom-rung screenwriter.

One of the great things about being on the bottom rung however is that you basically get put through film school for free. Every other night I talk to a Hollywood exec who’s keen to dish out their wisdom on some aspect of moviemaking or another. I may not be getting paid, but hey, at least I’m learning.

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