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1,000 posts!

Posted by Martin on November 27, 2006

Not here, of course – that would be ridiculous. But at the home of my UK youth ministry ‘brother from another mother’, Ian at Youthblog. Thanks to his post, which is one of his regular all-seeing round-ups of the scene in this country – plus a bit of added weirdness, I’ve discovered that this blog is worth $1,693. Not on a patch on Ian’s $38,000, but it’s a start. Maybe when I’ve written 1,000 posts…

One Response to “1,000 posts!”

  1. Youthblog said

    Hey, thanks for saying nice stuff about the blog of 1000 ramblings, but more importantly thank you for clarifying your DVD position on The Monkees! (I do wonder how many Knight Rider box sets will actually get sold?)

    PS I suspect my blog may be a teensy weensy bit over-valued at $38,000 and I’m more likely to entertain offers around the £20 HMV voucher and 2 packets of smarties mark. I’d probably need to be willing to come down on that figure too as when I’ve shown potential buyers round they thought the HTML was untidy and that Youthblog was located at the unfashoinable end of the blogosphere.

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