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1,000 posts!

Posted by Martin on November 27, 2006

Not here, of course – that would be ridiculous. But at the home of my UK youth ministry ‘brother from another mother’, Ian at Youthblog. Thanks to his post, which is one of his regular all-seeing round-ups of the scene in this country – plus a bit of added weirdness, I’ve discovered that this blog is worth $1,693. Not on a patch on Ian’s $38,000, but it’s a start. Maybe when I’ve written 1,000 posts…

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Listen to this

Posted by Martin on November 27, 2006

Nothing left to loseThis is what’s stuck on repeat play on my iPod right now – Mat Kearney’s Nothing Left to Lose. I was given a copy by my friend Annie who works for his record label, and I’m usually suspicious when someone like that says – ‘this guy’s great, really original’. It often means – ‘we’ve pressed 100,000 of these blasted tablemats – help me!’

Anyway – this is no tablemat. It is particularly original – Mat both sings and slow-raps to good effect, and there’s a flow to the album which is often missing from Christian music. I’m really enjoying it – but plug over – go and download some for yourself, or visit his website at www.matkearney.com

I shall write something on the issue of album misflow in CCM in a forthcoming post. I have something interesting to say about it, honest.

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Monkey confusion

Posted by Martin on November 27, 2006

MonkeyMonkeesThere seems to have been some minor confusion over the ‘monkey’ reference in my tirade against pointless DVD box sets (see below). To clear it up: I was suggesting that there would be no reason to buy the Monkey or Monkey Magic box set (see pic, left). I was in no way implying that a box set of the complete Monkees (see pic, right), would make anything but an essential purchase for any discerning DVD collector. Honest.

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