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Record attempt – come on – live the dream!

Posted by Martin on November 24, 2006

Ok, have noticed a surge of visits today (probably because I mention Rob Bell a lot and Google has picked it up), meaning that with a bit of good fortune I could beat the current world record for visits in a day to GIMD – meaning I’ll need more than an earth-shattering 64… So please come back today, and bring some friends!!! The current total is 26 and counting.

I could try a cheap sellout trick to boost my hits, such as talking about sex, porn, Britney Spears nude or Rob Bell – but i’m not that sort of bloke. Cheers everyone!

One Response to “Record attempt – come on – live the dream!”

  1. Len said

    I think it’s because of all the Knight Rider fans who are using google to find out where to buy the 18 DVDs. See? There really is a market for it. 🙂

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