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Knight Rider box sets and a seriously ill culture

Posted by Martin on November 24, 2006

Seriously!I always dive into HMV on a Friday morning on my way into work, just to check out the latest releases. Something caught my eye today though – a DVD box set of ‘The Complete Knight Rider – on 18 discs’!!!

 The first question – who on earth would buy that? Just as when they released The Brittas Empire, series by series, you’re left scratching your head wondering who’s bright idea it was to spend the money actually pressing these discs. Is there really a market?

And if so – and presumably there is – the second question is why? Why is there a market for DVDs of forgettable television programmes which you remember nostalgically but were average at best?

The flipside of our throwaway culture is the simultaneously true ‘collector’ culture – as we pick and mix our way through modern life, we rarely commit to anything; yet at the same time the marketing men are successfully convincing us to buy and hoard. DVDs seem particularly addictive – their sales are now equally important to the success of a movie as it’s theatrical release – and there are whole web communities devoted to people who like to talk about their gigantic collections. On sites like Avforums, users regularly talk about how they’re desperately spending their last pennies on the latest DVD releases – yet often confess that many of them lay shrinkwrapped on the shelf for months.

This cannot be more true than in the case of nostalgic tv shows, which are being boxed up and released more and more regularly. Some recent examples: The Complete Dangermouse; The Complete Transformers; The Complete Monkey!!!

Why are people buying boxes of shows like this? When you buy the complete Dangermouse, you must know on some level that you’re never going to watch more than one episode? And during that one, you’re going to be crushed at the realisation that the reality was nowhere near as great as your rose-tinted memory.

Join me – say no to rubbish old TV box sets on DVD. Otherwise it won’t be long before they’re releasing – News At Ten – The complete 1986 season on  DVD.

One Response to “Knight Rider box sets and a seriously ill culture”

  1. Hey now! The Complete Monkeys would be a fine catch… all the great songs… and what acting! Who could deny Davy as a suave debonair young man. And Miky’s musicianship? Not to mention Peter and the great leadership abilities of Michael Nesmith??? How can you deny that this TV Band did not compete with the REAL Fab 4… the Beatles??? How dare you suggest that the Monkeys fit in the same category as a talking car…

    Wait a minute… I’d believe in a talking car more quickly than I would a band called the Monkeys…

    nevermind… I’ll go sit in my corner now 🙂

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