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You are a beautiful human person

Posted by Martin on November 23, 2006

BlobsSpent lunch today with the inimitable, one-of-a-kind veteran youth worker Pip Wilson. If you don’t know him, you may well know his blobs (see pic) – the tool he created with Ian Long to help communication between what he refers to as ‘beautiful human persons’. Pip is one of the most individual chaps I’ve ever met – he’s not some Guardian-waving wannabe, desperate to be hip and ‘different’, he’s just a down-to-earth geezer who truly loves people, and that’s such a rare thing that it gives him an edge – an aura even – that you’ve probably not come across in anyone else.

In keeping with his eccentricities, Pip wanted to meet at the Cafe New Piccadilly, in central London. It’s a perfectly preserved 1950s ‘caff’, which most people probably walk past with barely more than a distateful glance. But it’s got personality – bags of it – like the man I was meeting, of course.

Pip talked passionately about getting people talking – and we kicked a few ideas around together. The waiters seemed to know him well, and liked him. I wasn’t surprised. Again – the thing that really strikes you about this guy is that he LOVES people. I mean, like, all of us. If you met him, he’d love you, and he’d show it. He’d affirm you, and your contributions to the conversation. He’d ask you questions. He’d listen.

Sounds like I’m describing the last samurai of some almost forgotten culture, doesn’t it? Visit Pip’s blog (see blogroll) and check out what I’m talking about. He thinks humans are fantastic – yet he’s not a humanist. He’s just learned to see us the way God does. What a gift he’s been given. And what a beautiful human person HE is.

I wonder if I could learn something from him…

(By the way, I feel like the blob on the wooden plank today)

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