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Go for the one

Posted by Martin on November 21, 2006

The one. Maybe not this exact one.It’s great when you’re impacted by a strong talk, sermon or seminar. It happens often to me – I mix in the world of youth ministry, and there are many great speakers out there.

It’s a rarer, but far more amazing thing when a talk is literally incarnated in front of your eyes. It doesn’t usually happen on the spot, but at some point, in the days after you’ve heard and processed the message – and that’s exactly what just happened to me.

Jill Rowe spoke on the lost sheep last week at Southport’s Youthwork the conference – and it impacted me hugely, as I wrote on this blog at the time. But tonight, I got a call from the lost sheep in my life, and suddenly it made much more powerful sense. He’s the kid I’d honestly given up hope on – the one who’d drifted so far from the rails that he can’t even hear the trains any more. And I’d love to say that I went after him – that I went for the one, as Jill implored. But he came to me. He bleated, as it were, when I least expected it.

Out of the blue, several months since we last made contact, he just calls to say hi, with the lamest of excuses for doing so. The challenge to me was clear – I’ve recieved a rebuke from heaven for daring to give up. I’ve come to my senses.

May you also be encouraged – the lost sheep in your life may still be bleating, even if you’ve given up hope of finding her. Leave the 99 some time, and go for the one.

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