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The parable of the old lady in Eastbourne

Posted by Martin on November 18, 2006

Just had breakfast here in Eastbourne, and as I walked through the hotel lobby, my companions remarked that they were going to the morning devotional. As they exited the revolving door, an elderly woman – her body bent and crippled by age and who knows what else – hobbled through on two crutches.

‘Can you say a prayer for me?’ she mumbled, to no-one in particular.

That struck me. She didn’t stop to talk – just smiled and hobbled away. But was that an off-the-cuff joke, or was it her spirit, crying out on some fundamental level to a God she knows must be out there?

I’m going to pray for her. Maybe you’d like to also. She did ask, after all. Maybe she’ll be healed, and I expect I’ll never know. But it looked to me as if her life meant a lot of pain, and struggle. She has so little strength – she lacks even the strength to call out to God on her own. But she asked me to pray. And I will.

This probably means something.

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