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The Bell keeps ringing true (apologies)

Posted by Martin on November 17, 2006

Ok, so I can’t find a wi-fi hotspot that works, so this will all kind of just appear at once. Sorry about that.

Interestingly, Rob moved from his famous Bible-teaching style into something far more hands-on and practical today as he finished the early day. He talked extensively and compellingly about Sabbath, most of the time from his own experience. Combining this with what I heard last month on the same subject from Mark Yaconelli (see older post) I am now pretty convinced that this is a good idea.

Well, duh. Here’s a little nugget – did you know that zookeepers have realised that after six days, animals need a day off from the public eye or they’ll start to behave strangely? It’s like even nature understands God’s rhythm of six and one: six days on and one day off. God has built 6+1 into the fabric of creation. Cool.

Today was a lot more bits-and-pieces than yesterday, but they were super-trendy-cool bits and pieces. On teaching I paraphrase – we need to be looking out for the work of God around us, all the time, because it’s going on constantly (John 5 v 17). And we need to become sensitive, developing a ‘radar’ for what God is doing right in front of our noses. Then we note these things, allow them to develop into ideas, and then mature over time into talks. It seems that to Rob, teaching is an organic thing – talks literally grow over time inside him.

Rob also made a brilliant and progressive response to criticism of the Old Testament, and over the whole day made it come alive in a way which I’ve never seen before. Oh you get the picture – it was great.

Excitement is now brewing as over 1100 delegates descend. Rob’s on tonight – I doubt this crowd will know what has hit them.

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