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I am Borat

Posted by Martin on November 17, 2006

MeOr at least, my interview skills are akin to his. Having managed to arrange an interview with Rob Bell today (see previous post) I was less than amused when he suggested that we just do the whole thing in front of 200 delegates, as part of his ‘early day’ event. Great – now my questions weren’t going to look so smart; for a start I can’t now edit them post-interview to tie in better with his answers…

I agreed anyway, and things were going well until I described his book Velvet Elvis as having a ‘super-trendy’ design. He looked at me blankly. He had never heard this word.

In fact, no-one there had. In fact, nor had I. My nerves had got the better of me. Super Trendy? What was I thinking? And then it hit me, as I announced:

‘Oh no. I’m Borat.’

To which Rob replied:

‘This is very nas interview, yes?’

2 Responses to “I am Borat”

  1. Len said

    That is so funny. Thanks for sharing

  2. […] by Gim.D on June 28th, 2007 I interviewed my buddy Rob Bell the other day for the August issue of Youthwork magazine, and there was a spare question […]

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