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Black is the new white

Posted by Martin on November 5, 2006

Sounds like it’s going to be a controversial post, but it probably won’t be…

Off now to watch England take on the mighty All Blacks (for the uninitiated, the Brazil of Rugby) at Twickenham with my best mate in the world. We’re allowing 4 and a half hours travel time each way, despite the fact that it’s only about ten miles away.

I’m fully expecting England to be pulverised, as I’m sure most people are – but it’s not going to hurt if they are. First, this isn’t football, and so it doesn’t really matter, and second, sometimes you just have to look on and admire a great side, even if it’s your own team that they’re destroying. Plus, I’ve always kind of liked Kiwis, and their country. Anyone who counts Australia as their sworn sporting enemy is ok in my book.

Whether I’ll feel the same way at 5.15pm tonight, at the end of the game, remains to be seen. I shall be sure to let you know…

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