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Diddly diddly dee… two callings

Posted by Martin on November 2, 2006

Well, I’ve been writing this thing for a couple of weeks now, probably time to cut to the chase…

I believe that sometimes, God gives us a specific path to follow. A job maybe, or a ministry. For some people it’s overseas mission; for others it’s primary school teaching or nursing. It doesn’t even have to be anything terribly altruistic. He could send you into investment banking. I’d term that ‘calling’ – others will have their own definitions.

This is meant, in some way, to illustrate youth ministryFor most of the people I’ve spoken to about calling, it tends to be quite a focused thing. A calling to work in Malawi; a calling to become a children’s worker; a calling to work with prostitutes. And in my case, I thought I was getting the same deal. A few years ago, I believe that God spoke very clearly to me, telling me that he was calling me to youth ministry.

Then, a little while later, I believe he spoke just as (or even more) clearly, telling me that he was calling me to the movie industry, to be a screenwriter. I know, that’s a bit like saying ‘God’s calling me to be rich’, or ‘God’s calling me to be a pop star,’ but bear with me.

Now I usually test these things in two ways – first, does this ‘word from God’ seem to tally with the God I read about in the Bible? If I felt God was telling me to become a porn star, the call would probably fail this test. But a calling to work with youth, and a calling to work in the media/communication industry – they both pass.

Secondly, I tend to lightly prod the relevant doors, and see if they swing open. In both cases, they have done so emphatically. So I’m highly involved in UK youth ministry, and deeply embedded into the Hollywood scene. Which presents various challenges, ranging from mild time pressures to tear-my-hair-out moments.

I am overwhelmed by this dual calling – and I’m pretty convinced now that is what it is. Hence the title of this blog – I’m going to need some serious help navigating two concurrent paths. Also, God is my Director has a very subtle movie industry link – can you spot it?

Tonight, I’m going to serve as a church youth pastor from 7.30-9.30pm, running a sports night. Then I’m packing up and running home, where I have a conference call with Universal Studios at 10.30pm. Welcome to my life. I have no idea where it’s going.

2 Responses to “Diddly diddly dee… two callings”

  1. Kristine said

    Welcome to Word Press…and two callings! I’m just a beginner in my silver years finding that God hands out Golden Tickets all the time…especially whe we least expect it! Sometimes we give them back because it’s a bit unbelieveable or one doubts. Anyway…I be a student of life. Moving into a shelter soon if it be the right thing. Otherwise I think God will have me stay right here where I am…unmoved.

  2. Tony Myles said

    Which begs an interetsing question – does God enjoy it when we take the past of most resistence or the one of least resistence?

    And what does that answer tell us about our view of God?

    And what does that answer tell us about our view of ourselves?

    And what does that answer tell us about our view of God’s love for us?

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