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CSI: Huddersfield

Posted by Martin on November 1, 2006

Am deeply entrenched of late in the first series of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation for the uninitiated), the star of which, William Petersen, is a great actor (see Manhunter) and fully deserved the big break he got through this. I appreciate I’m way behind, as always, but now┬áI’m concerned that I’ll be sucked in to the branching nature of the series, feeling compelled to watch the two spin-offs, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York too.

Heard a great comment from the show’s producers on how they justify churning out what’s basically the same plot (murderer leaves clues, boffins follow them) over not just seven series and counting in Las Vegas, but also several more in the spin off cities. He said: ‘we knew that someone was going to do a CSI rip-off, so we figured it might as well be us.’ Which is pretty smart thinking.

So if you’re going to be original, do it in triplicate, and avoid letting anyone else get hold of your coat tails. There must be a range of applications for this in everyday life.

Am currently trying to decide on my best suggestion for the fourth instalment – CSI: Newport Isle of Wight anyone?

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Argh – it’s a big needle

Posted by Martin on November 1, 2006

Haven’t posted for 24 hours or so due to being in shock. I took my son for his one year injections (including the allegedly ‘controversial’ MMR jab) yesterday, and realised an important thing: the needle went into him, but it hurt me more. He cried for about ten seconds after they pumped his leg full of these little viral strains, but then was easily distracted by a teddy bear on a roller skate (which admittedly, was pretty cool). But I wanted to punch the nurse in the face – she’d just stuck something big and sharp into my boy. I hadn’t expected that reaction.

I’m beginning to think that living through parenthood could be a physical picture that God gives us of his own feelings for and experiences of us, as his children. When we get hurt, we tend to wallow a little in our own feelings – but perhaps we should spare a thought for our heavenly dad; the guy sitting behind us. He’s thinking, man that’s a big needle – I hate it when they stick it into my boy (or girl).

It seems to me that all the things I feel for my son, must be the same feelings (times a million) that God feels for me as his child. It’s pretty cool to be loved that much.

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