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Atheism is the new cookery pt II

Posted by Martin on October 31, 2006

Don’t know if anyone spotted the very unsubtle atheistic worldview displayed in episode one of the BBC’s new sci-fi show Torchwood – it wasn’t easy to miss. The show is a spin off from Doctor Who (it’s an anagram, geddit?), and it’s central characters possess a metal glove which can briefly resurrect the dead. In the pilot, written by Doctor Who saviour Russell T Davies, they used it on a murder victim, and asked him, as he was breathing his last for a second time, what he saw when he died. He suddenly got very upset and declared ‘nothing. I saw nothing. There’s nothing!’

Very subtly done, Russell T. We barely noticed.

Look out by the way for another new spin-off from Doctor Who’s producers, launching next year. It’s about a farm animal who races sports cars, and it’s called Hot Rod Cow. The cow doesn’t believe in God either.


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