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Kanu believes it!

Posted by Martin on October 30, 2006

Here he is, bless himI should so be writing headlines for The Sun.  On which subject, saw an awesome article today on their hallowed pages about Portsmouth FC, the football (or if you must, soccer) team which is currently upsetting the form book in the English Premier League.

Apparently rejuvenated star striker Kanu (left) and SEVEN of his colleagues have been getting down on their knees together before each match to pray. And then coincidentally… they’ve been beating everyone, and he’s been scoring like his life depended on it.

Kanu told The Sun “When we pray I keep scoring. I am a Christian and I love praying. A few of us say a prayer in the dressing room. There’s Linvoy Primus, Sol Campbell, LuaLua . . . about eight of us all together. And it is good because it keeps the team together and gives us that bit extra. The spirit and unity shows out on the pitch where we work for each other.”

I love it. Everything is spiritual, baby.

2 Responses to “Kanu believes it!”

  1. Kristine said

    F-A-I-T-H…one for each knuckle. H is the Thumb. Hope. Without hope you have little chance of evolvong spiritually. T is for Truth. Without truth there is little understanding. I is for Intuned. If you are not Intune, inshape, prepared…you are not ready for the task of the moment. A is for Agape Love, all men…all people regaurdless of there stand in life, whether they be friend, teamate or foe. F is for various things depending on the moment…Family, as in the family of God, or friends, or even Fun. But think on this for a moment and how the hand FUNCTIONS. One can play sports without your pinky or ring finger…or maybe one of the other ones…but you MUST HAVE THE THUMB…HOPE for all things. All the others help each other. Truth without preparedness…think on this. Or not being intuned…which we all run into at times through accident or ill health…or poor mind set…so pass this one on to your friends.

    And let them know that I believe that every action done with Faith is a statement against the negative forces in out world. It is spiritual warfare on the field of life…every day. Pray…pray…pray. I am just a beginner with a long way to go. But if I had to pick a warrior to fight for me…I would want that person to be one of Faith…with all parts of the acronym intact. And we are all warriors in our own right. To the Good Fight. For LOVE and Peace not religion…that is a personal preference. Respect others religions for this teaches one another kindness and affection towards all through all differences.

  2. And it’s my team, and they are 4th in the premiership!!!

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