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Atheism is the new Cookery

Posted by Martin on October 30, 2006

Is it a good or bad thing that pro atheist Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion is now no.1 at Amazon? I can’t make up my mind. Obviously I’m not keen on the idea that a scientist is trying to disprove the very notion of any God, and am slightly offended by the implication of the title. On the other hand, at least it gets people talking and thinking about God. The biggest enemy of the Christian message in a consumerist society is comfort-induced apathy, not atheist rants. And my hunch is that when an angry¬†ranter like Dawkins starts spouting, he’ll send more people into the arms of God than he’ll ever drive away. Keep writing, Mr D, any publicity is good publicity…

P.S. The title of this post refers to the fact that the no.1 book at Amazon is often by Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith or similar. I’m not suggesting that we should all get people round for dinner parties with no food, where we all renounce the existance of God. That would be silly.

One Response to “Atheism is the new Cookery”

  1. Kristine said

    Spiritual Warfare…not the main course anymore.
    You find it the moment you open your door,
    turn on your tv
    listen to every other emcee…
    or open a book.
    Here, here they cry…
    Take another look!

    There are no answers.
    Because there are no real questions.

    And just like dancers out on a stage
    Who’s to say what be the future rage.

    Go back a few thousand years and flip a page…or two for me.
    Now there’s a few emcees…Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…
    Mary Magdalene could open doors number one, two or three…
    Five hundred years ago they told these stories on wagons in a square.
    How many teens could take this there…

    Hmmm. Just a thought or two…from me to you.
    About the pageants they used to do.

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