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The time eater

Posted by Martin on October 26, 2006

He is the pac-man of my time, gobbling it greedily as I attempt to ghost past him.

There’s this guy. He’s a very committed evangelical Christian, and he has seven Bible verses for every occasion. I think he’s identified me as his ‘project’, for no apparent reason. Whenever I pass him, he’ll stop me and download a variety of thoughts for the day – talking at, not with me. Time passes. He’s eaten another twenty minutes of my life.

Now I feel very ungrateful, criticising a guy who is trying to input into my life, and for ages I’ve felt guilty. But this morning, I think I’ve cracked the problem – he never talks about anything real. He’s forever talking in paraphrased Bible verses and holy thoughts, but he never mentions his wife, his children, his job or even his favourite football team. It’s just a long series of character criticisms (of me) and then some proof of his own lofty spirituality. There’s no grounding – it’s, dare I say it, inauthentic.

I need to develop a way of speaking with him, so that I get at least a 5% share of the conversation. But maybe, rather than looking for an escape, I’ll ask him about his life. Maybe no-one’s told him that his life, his family, and his football team can be spiritual too.


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