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This band rocks

Posted by Martin on October 25, 2006

David Crowder BandI think it’s important to detach how good a so-called ‘worship band’ is at leading people on in worship from how talented they are as musicians. There are plenty of great worship leaders who are only just musically proficient, and there are also plenty of great musicians who can leave a congregation cold because the thing just turns into a concert. And pity those poor guys who have the worst of both worlds.

But then you have the David Crowder Band – in my humble opinion a brilliant worship band in every sense.

If you’re uninitiated, or if you don’t have the latest full album ‘A’ Collision, head thee over to iTunes and download ‘You are my joy.’ Not only is it the best track I’ve heard since Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’, it’s also an example of why they’re so great – bristling with the sort of originality so sadly missing from most ‘Christian’ music. It’s a rock opera, you see, in the vein of ELO or Queen. Not the sort of thing you hear every day.

Which begs the question – has any other Christian act released a rock opera? Answers on an e-postcard. 


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