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A missing grace

Posted by Martin on October 24, 2006

You may remember the controversy over the British gay police association’s (GPA) ‘in the name of the father’ advert a few months ago. The GPA took out a newspaper advert placing a Bible next to a pool of blood – claiming that most homophobic attacks within the police force were motivated by religious belief.

Christian lobbyists responded, of course. The Revd George Hargreaves, leader of the Christian People’s Alliance political party (that’s the CPA, don’t get confused now)  complained about the ad and called the GPA ‘Christianphobic’. Fair enough, I suppose – the GPA were being pretty fierce.

But the row has escalated in recent months, with Hargreaves refusing to let go of the issue, and pursuing the GPA like a hungry hound. He continues to call publicly for the dismissal of the GPA’s leaders, claiming that ‘this is an issue for the whole police force.’

Then, yesterday, something interesting happened. A spokesperson for the GPA made a public apology for the advert, saying that he was ‘devastated’ at the upset it had caused among Christians. And even more incredibly – he did it on a Christian radio station. That’s the equivalent of scoring a goal and then walking into the opposition fans to say sorry. What a ‘Christian’ thing to do.

Well, apparently not. For Mr Hargreaves still isn’t satisfied. He told the same station that he would not accept the GPA’s apology. Wonderfully ironic, isn’t it? ‘Christians’ pursue gay group in so-called righteous anger; gay group apologises; ‘Christian’ group won’t listen. A glorious opportunity to demonstrate a living faith is spurned, and even better, the GPA prove that they probably had a point about Christian bigots all along. 


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