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Oh happy day

Posted by Martin on October 23, 2006

HappyLand farm setThis is not my child. But it is my (son’s) brand new Early Learning Centre HappyLand  farm playset. And it’s my favourite thing of the year so far.

The main reason one chooses fatherhood of course is because once your child reaches about age four, there are some really cool toys to play with. I am particularly anticipating the great days of lego, and of Star Wars figures. But it seemed so far away – after all, my boy is only one.

Well, the nightmarish wait to play with some good toys is over. HappyLand is suitable for babies aged 18months +, but mine’s a genius so I’m letting him play with it now. He doesen’t really understand – he just keeps trying to insert the little hen in a hole in the farm roof – but after he went to bed, I played with it properly on his behalf.

And the best news of all – there’s a whole massive HappyLand range! Now I can pass on my obsessive compulsive collector nature to my son.

HappyLand: join the revolution at http://www.elc.co.uk/BrandProducts.php?brand_id=290


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