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When things go very right…

Posted by Martin on October 21, 2006

…do you ever find that suddenly things go very, very wrong?

I had the most incredible week of my life this month – yet at the end of it, I found that all manner of suffering and pain was loosed upon me and those I love. It took me a whole other week to recover, knocking a lot of my momentum away in the process.

I guess the various faiths of the world have their own ways of explaining that. It’s ying and yang, or Karma, or something. I know that I believe that my God (that’s the Bible guy) is involved in the miraculously great things in my life (like that One Great Week). So I guess that the rubberband snap-back effect – (that One Bad Week) could also be related to Him. Maybe not his handiwork – I’m not a great believer in the God who tests and tries us by fire – but that of those who work against him. The forces of darkness and the demonic being the implication, although don’t ever rule out Ricky Gervais. Scary stuff, definitely, even if I do sound a bit barking to some.

Life is back on a positive note, and I’m through the storm. I guess that’s because whoever the other guy is, my guy is bigger.


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