God is my Director

Youth ministry, movies, no drugs and a variable amount of Rock ‘n Roll


Posted by Martin on October 20, 2006

This is an anonymous blog. That’s not a comment on all of you who blog un-anonymously (there’s got to be a better word than that) – it’s actually because I wrote a blog before under my real name, and ended up feeling like my hands were tied. It’s hard to be honest when your boss knows what you’re thinking, you see.

There’s another, much more interesting reason for blogging incognito however – my life is, at the moment at least, pretty interesting. I’m going to exciting places, and meeting exciting people – I’d like to share all that. But let’s just say that the circumstances that have created that stuff also mean that I need to remain anonymous on here. Hope that makes sense, and that you enjoy the blog.

Come back soon!


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